by Thiago & Breve

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Collaborative effort by NC MC Thiago and WA producer Breve. After a year of work starting November 2013, Bravo!! dropped on November 24th, 2014. Its theatre show theme is saturated with piano, brass, and vocal-sample heavy production. Controversial topics ranging from religious morality and the state of the hip hop industry contrast well with the light love songs and jokey braggadocio raps.

None for the money and two for show.


released November 24, 2014

Production: Breve
MC: Thiago
Features: MC Shere Khan, Vince Ryouta, SeanyCee & Scotty Bahama



all rights reserved


THIAGO Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: The Programme [intro]
I'm back with a vengeance
Little soldier better get your boulder ready when I rock, not pebbles
Better stand at attention, full focus, hocus pocus when I wrote this
Third eye type vision like some magical lenses
3D on the TV, see me leaping out, got these demons out
Raw bleeding mouth with a hit list written, about to be announced
They say, "keep it south, keep it south"
They say, "who's this? What is he about?"
Well I was built in Brazil, want to see the house
That I was brought up in with no heating dial?
Today living in the mountains, I'm freezing now
Getting sick from this shit, man I'm sneezing now
Blast this music so freaking loud
That Hellen Keller's yelling just to keep it down
Well I'm sorry, the show doesn't have closed captions
Just an asshole rapping his half-wrote tragics
Bashful tactics with Breve on the beats and I think that by now, he's had it
Damn it, it's opening night, people already hoping to fight
Always happens when I'm holding the mic
Well calm down, it'll be over and right
But for now, just enjoy the sounds of Bravo!!, showing the hype
Track Name: Raspberries
Clickity clack the microphone when I wreck beats
Just X's all on my check sheets
I'm well-qualified and immortal like the technique
Name is the son of Messi, stay being unappreciated inside the game
Coach, I'll score if you just let me play
Balling like the NBA, rhyme is life everyday
I don't need luck, flip Lincoln down on a penny face
Stop that, I got my top hat, pioneer
Been doing this for fourscore and nineteen years
Since I was born, leaving the vaginals torn
Breaking rappers' spinal cords since I was old enough to write a story
Y'all are nothing but some geckos to a dinosaur
So carry on to Kansas and oh, don't you cry no more
Cus I'm not here to wipe tears
I'm getting buzz beyond infinity and shooting for the lightyears
I'm Meta Knight and you're Ganondorf, we're not the same type tier
You lose easy like Luigi, this my year

I'm spitting in your eye
Your kidding with your writtens, feeling killings on my sides
I'll chop your wings off if you're thinking that you're fly
Got my thumb on my nose and my fingers towards the sky like

Second verse, sophomore, begging for an encore
Flying like the concords, you can stamp my passport
Top four, got lines that you cannot snort
Coke flow, in the crowd you can spot Rob Ford
Fret not, I got plenty to eat
With Breve beats in the cupboard stuffed, ready for weeks
Badly want to break records like a chemist RV
Check the Method man lessons, same level as he I want to get to
No cheat codes inside my issue
One in the chamber, can't reload my pistol
Click clack kapow, I lift rappers' brows
I'm Gar Logan, Mike, who's the Mix Master now?
Some ish can't allow, so all is said jokingly
Shock value loud and dissing so people notice
Kick Charlie Day in the ovaries on that sunny show on TV
It's R-A-P, acronym for rage and poetry

I'm spitting in your eye
Your kidding with your writtens, feeling killings on my sides
I'll chop your wings off if you're thinking that you're fly
Got my thumb on my nose and my fingers towards the sky like

I'm the c-stick reject, flowing like water, you're seasick, Jesus
Noah all over this thesis, please, I am the CEO of Reese's Pieces rap
So G relax, I'll beat your ass with Caesar sash and keep his stash
I'm Roman, keep it moving like a Madagascar lemur dance
Peep the stance, kibadachiing horse, of course his steez is capped
Rest in peace the man, beats in hand, reaper's lance
I was born in 1947, really I am 66, that's why I'm such a bitter prick
Still my spits are sick as shih tzus eating chocolates, dog
Tell the wolf to knock it off
Told DOOM and Haley, but they had to set the rocket off
Give a beer to an odd todd, the product raw is Thiag dropping flow bombs like a molotov
Comma, pause, let catch a breath
Proceed beating a dead horse like Left 4 Dead
I rode it all over this town, kid, every inch
And left behind a picture of my gents on an Etch-a-Sketch, bitch

I'm spitting in your eye
Your kidding with your writtens, feeling killings on my sides
I'll chop your wings off if you're thinking that you're fly
Got my thumb on my nose and my fingers towards the sky like
Track Name: Jargonator (feat. MC Shere Khan)
Hello bitches, it is Mr. Next-to-be-Best, Mr. F-Your-BS
Mr. So-High-Above-Gotta-Stretch-Your-Neck-To-See-Us
Mr. Legend Fetus, baby Jesus even
Supple with supper, the last is the last, eating fast, seeing double, Nintendo DS
Mr. Wreck-Your-Prius with my monster cart
Magic like a hog with warts, Voldemort stalking after dark
In the forbidden forest, enormous forces when I bump beats
Cerberus murdering clones, I am my own, fuck Fluffy
I'm flipendoing, enduring all this endoing
My friends ascendoing while I dismember what this pen'll bring
December till the end of spring, I'm sicker than a menacing rebel
Relish on your appendix while it assembles
Tab tubular, most mono dude up in the universe
Only record in stereo tearing the train to Jupiter
Excuse me sir, not too concerned with losers and your crew of turds
So do disperse, I'm Lucifer, so horny with the Google search
Yo dude, you're just so rude
How can I be rude when I play a game with no rules?
Old school, saving Toadstool on some toadstools
And if you don't get it, then bitch you're not supposed to

[MC Shere Khan]
They call me mister poster brutal Supervillan
Oodles of truth be spilling
Consuming rappers like toaster strudels with fruity filling
Like Koopa Troopas feuding with anthropomorphic plumbers
producing rules and tunes that newcomers would forfeit under
My rhymes’ll decimate ya
My lines’ll bless the nation
I’ll fight these rappers - no items on final destination
They told me break a leg, I came back with broken femurs
My haters can choke on penis
and blow me like ocarinas
My weiners the damn length of the distance from pluto to venus
Thickness like a wrist is, now witness this like I wrote subpoenas
Must be genius, I swear my sickness has got no signs or symptoms
but rhymes and wisdom while systems of mine devise an income
I just desire a kingdom, have some women roll through,
all nude, let their titties hang like linen clothes do
Yo dude, you’re just so rude,
how can I be rude when I play a game with no rules
Old school, savin’ toad school on some toad schools
and if you don’t get it, then bitch- you ain't supposed to

Howdy, neighbor, be a good one like Kyle Mooney
Styles grooving, miles moving ahead of these clowns boozing
Blouse losing bitches get with us whenever sounds oozing
Out your megawatt, never caught like Sega hodge, not snoozing
Sonic collecting the rings with impeccable speed, it's a spectacle to see
Like ain't no egghead messing with me, crack yolk, cook omelet, cheddar for cheese
I'm a veteran see though I've been overseas, I'm KING over all Americas seized
No Elsa but I'm making them freeze like a parapleg, please tell the police
Yeah, yeah, call 911, motherfucker I'm just trying to find some fun
Get a nice young fun with some tight bun buns and go jackrabbit all night
Cum cum come on homie, what's wrong homie?
Side to side, wide, when I swipe your broad homie
And I'm just joking but they like,
Yo dude, you're just so rude
How can I be rude when I play a game with no rules?
Old school, saving Toadstool on some toadstools
If you don't get it, then beyotch you're not supposed toooooooo
Track Name: Pray?
Am I evil if I leave Jesus out the acknowledgments?
Can I not cross the Red Sea without parting it?
Like what is my part in this? Sinning and ask you to pardon it?
Wake up the next day, make the same mistake, I found it foul like Artemis
Using it as an excuse to be stupa
I see these snakes set in stone, stare from Medusa
Divine justifies all the lies like the Ku Klux
In God's name, we slay in vain spilling blue blood
And yes, the red and white
You see, the darkness is never truly set in light
They're set apart from, as we pursue a better life
A bloodsucker, a vamp looking for necks to bite
I'm next to dice, not knowing what my roll is for
I'm riding the rodeo, going toe to toe with the bull of moral codes
Hope my aura glows back to life like it's Soul II Soul
Filling up my 46 chromosomes

And still I pray, but to who? I don't know
Do not stay where you want to go

I keep calling God, but he's not responding, what's the number to dial in?
Or give me his @ name or I'll post on his wall
And leave emojis all frowning with a pound symbol like
Not since Rosa died, that's when the hope inside subsided
My great-grandmother looking over my life
Still haven't read that Bible she gave me
And the spirit inside of me has been idle and shady
Should I pass Jesus the wheel? Because I'm driving me crazy
On the highway to hell, head on fire like Hades
She always said the only way was the way of Lord
But since her Noah's Ark sunk, I wasn't taken aboard
So now I wait at the shore, stranded on an island
With nobody, far from radicals demanding that I try it
Got no passion or desire to be categorized
Try to define good and bad, don't be mad that I tried
Just want to make the most of my life
Track Name: When Right Goes Wrong
It got me all bent out of shape, I guess I can't figure it out
I guess that I had been thinking that everything then would be different now
But ain't shit changed, still play this game, lazy motherfucker always sit on the couch
This life is but a bitch with a dick in her mouth and it sucks, when you bust she be spitting it out
And I'm sorry for the explicity rouse, promised my brother I would filter it out
But shit, the kid swears more than me, if fucks were an entree, he'd be dishing them out
And goddammit, I had dealing with doubts, goddammit, pray? Is he listening now?
These people tell me I should follow my dreams but the Sandman doesn't have a Twitter account
And plus, I can't remember them anyway, hardly can remember my yesterday
Drowning in morality debts to pay, finance too and I ain't make a cent today
My girlfriend turned to an ex today, told me that her feelings began to fade
After two years of fighting and tears, she left and I got only myself to blame
Spend 23/7 drowning in self-pity then sleeping the rest away
Slipping in my college classes, got to find a way to raise F's to A's
Too lost in my thoughts to focus on lectures, it reflects in my tests and grades, no curves
Can we pause? No words, please I just really need an extra day, just wait

Because they've been asking me where I've been
I've been gone and I can't pretend that I've taken care of this
It's imperative I don't perish from all these sins
More losses than the kid got wins, wings longer but no blowing winds
So my pen can't go like guins, maybe I mistook them for fins
But when I swim, I drown like Ben, a terrible fate that I wear on my face
And it's scary to say that I've become a monster
Spikes coming out of the hearts to teach me that everything costs you
I'm lost, running out of my shillings
Make the expression of making a killing, but fuck that, all I want is a healing
See, my Achille's heel is lying about how I really feel
And I'm just trying to seal the deal with devil
We've gotten closer and I can't settle
You first notice when you start paying less, get pissed off when your name is said
This unloaded gun is aimless, it was pressed right against my temple
I can't help you, can't even help myself
No euphemism that I tell myself could protect myself from me
Look deep in a swamp, it reflects my health
Head-on collision and no belt could help
Doctors said he would be dead by twelve
And who's around? Shit no one else
Shrug the shoulders, that's it, oh well, hell I'm done
Track Name: Anatta (feat. Vince Ryouta)
Swinging in like Spider-Men, welcome to the lion's den
Pride in my grind, but my mind's where it hides within
I don't want the lights and them wooing like the sirens did
My Odyssey is not for thee, it's me taking my vitamins
I could win the world over if I won my mind
Time to time I search the key, but there isn't one to find
Because I already have it, just don't know how it functions
The pin tumbler lock is all out of proportion, it's nothing
Do you see what I mean?
I feel like I'm older but spirits keep asking to see my ID
And I'm only 19, but I'm feeling 90, winding down and wisey
Remind me, what time are we in? Because I've been shocked by the culture
Souza's not for this bogus, Moses opening oceans with a mask on
But not a Zora, no Majora playing sad songs
I've been dead, beginning and end of past dawns
And you've been aiming for the title, man
But you can't aim for a name to be an idol, man
Make moves, don't remain idle, man
Understand gotta stop thinking about yourself
And you've been aiming for the title, man
But you can't aim for a name to be an idol, man
Make moves, don't remain idle, man
Understand gotta start thinking how to help

[Vince Ryouta]
Track Name: Trying to Drink Water with a Fork [interlude]
*Alan Watts*
Track Name: Bravo!!
Yeah, it's like everywhere I go
See the same people, but they playing different roles
Didn't know this was a show, reality type
Actually write my own script and I'm acting it right
Left with triggers when I play games, ripping shit like Beyblades
Never naysay my workload as long I'm getting my payday
Text kk, double rainbow pot of gold
What I owe, student loans, stay paying till we're old
Get sold, that's why I'm saving up these nickels bro
Charging up this green, Special Beam like I'm Piccolo
Sicker than a six-year-old when he picks his nose
Wipes it on your sister's clothes, not supposed to? Didn't know
Now I'm grown, wiping shit stains on the mainstream
Screaming fuck your culture, nah we ain't on the same team
Eighteen years misplaced with peers
Got sage ideas and it may seem weird

I'll have you saying bravo!
I'll still be here tomorrow

And it may seem weird but it's just the way that I was brought up
Started from the bottom (fuck Drake) yeah eu comecei de nada
You can go ahead and thank me, been dying to say de nada
Now proper Thiago's civic, I'm not talking about the Honda
If you didn't know, my name's Thiago (that's me), I'm really quite the attention whore
I like posting raps on my twitter and getting mentions for it
Stegosaurus no spikes, facebook post with no likes
But like, it's hard to write new stuff when it's said before
My head is sore, whore, but still the show must go on
Cus imagine, I might just vanish if I just happened to not have not wrote songs
With this broke arm, where's my cane at, yo sonny where's my cane at?
No, not the one they use to pull me off the stage, ack
Breaking my legs with this tough crowd
Better bust out the tricks that I have up my sleeve be all like what, now?
No rabbits in my hat, but so much passion in the tracks
That you could ride a train on it from Californ to Manhat and back

I'll have you saying bravo!
I'll still be here tomorrow

So yeah, it's me and Breve, not the most amazing show
But you've already paid the toll, so let me fucking play my role
See I like roses, but I don't want no tomatoes thrown
Sticks and stones breaking bones, but this ain't no Game of Thrones
I'm Ty Lannister, Napoleon Complex but not some wry amateur
Level up, high bannisters
If you want a refund, complain to my manager
Again, Thiago D. is the name for all slandering
Sick of the Mac Mill comparisons
And no, I'm not Earl but the sweatshirts, I'm wearing them
Khakis for the pants and the Chucks yes of fucking course
Don't listen to my tracks if your ass is wearing Chubby Shorts
(yo what the fuck bro)
Shit I just lost half of my audience
An addiction to the dissing, off to rapper's anonymous
But I have to be honest Abe, if not, they won't hear you
So just enjoy the show or get shot at the theatre, pow
Track Name: Farore (feat. SeanyCee & Scotty Bahama)
Just a little bit, just a little bit
Let me know if you’re feeling it
Know how my day goes like I’m Phineas
I’m Gru about to take ov’ with my minions
Still got the kid in him, but child, he ain’t kidding them
Moleque, que chulé, his shoes ain’t fitting him
So, stomp flows with his heels as soles
Pedal metals so the wheels can roll up these hills with slopes
Fresh air, known to heal the soul
But nothing fresh there, down where we will go
And even if there was, then how would the people know
It’s like we’re in the Matrix and they delete the code
Like is this 2 of O, am I breathing coal?
Yeah you just keep on cutting down these trees for gold
And I’ll be yelling at these kids when I’m weak and old
Get off my lawn, and stop jumping through my sprinklers yo
But I’ll get tired and just hop into my slippers mode
Play outside, cus I don’t know how long we’ll get this for, no


[Scotty Bahama]
We all lost in a hustle,
Lost in a struggle
Or caught between a job and a dream, Trying To juggle
All These things that we utterly need
Locked in a bubble
Trying to get it out,hoping that
Gets us out of trouble
Lately I've been feeling
the pressures of growing up
Like you don't know enough
Or maybe you ain't old enough
Or kid you need to open up
Shit I'm trying..
Cause on the real
I'm just tired of stealing
And feeling broke as fuck
So I keep floating along
In this thing you call life
the only shit I like
Invloves a mic...or pipe
I just might grab a knife,
Stab it in my esophagus
Or walk up in your offices
And take you all as hostages
Cause really I want to know
Is where the profits is
So I be off my rocker With my hands all in your pockets, bitch
So this goes out to all of y'all
That's gone miss me,
Tell michael, bob, or Whitney
ask god to come get me
Track Name: Mister
Mr. Firestarter, just assigned in office/
Iron horses pulling forces of the drying sources/
Mr. Trying Harder, shit I tried my hardest/
If I can't live a hero, fuck it, I'ma die a martyr/
Mr. Striving Artist, Mr. Diabolic/
Sold his soul to the unknown powers beyond this/
I'm lying, honest, I just signed my heart off/
To the bosses of the game and I lost my conscience/
Screaming suck my line of sausage rather often/
Magic Johnson kind of sick, you can't aid my shit, awesome/
With the constant fits, failure fuels my rocket ship/
I crash and crash but even the day I blast, I am not to quit/
Talking shit where the goblins is I will bomb your bridge, kamikaze shit/
That vomitspit got taught to me quick, barred off, now I'm locked up in it/
No matter what fucking topic it is, believe me I do not give a shit/
Too busy thinking of ways to be dominant, get off of this/

Mr. Always Passive, Mr. Call Me Back If/
You like my tracks, but now rap is a common practice/
Mr. Pompous Ass kiss, I want to stomp your ass, kid/
You on the internet spamming tracks of obnoxious wackness/
Mr. Thong and Asses, mr. Bong and hashes/
Mr. I Don't Give A Fuck In All My Songs and Adlibs/
Mr. Dropping Acid, Mr. Shlong is Massive/
Find some substance when you does this, you're talking to masses/
I can't imagine what would happen if I had that type of power/
Write for hours, send a message from radio towers/
All we have is that 2Chain bitch and that Riff Raff cracker/
Tyga, Future, Wiz Khaf yapping, fuck all of these bitchass rappers/
Hate this generation and the music that they listen to/
Attitudes they develop, ideologies that isn't you/
Influenced too easy by the media with different views/
Ask rappers for lyrics and a bio, question which is true/

Mr. Make A Difference, Mr. Take a mission/
Mr. I don't want be here so I'll fake a sickness/
I'm in the same position, Mr. Use Excuses/
Mr. Lone Wolf cause fuck having a crew, it's useless/
Mr. You can do it! Mr. Optimistic/
Mr. Stop and listen to me cus I'm dropping wisdom/
Mr. Rarely will you find me out doing shows/
Baby steps to Nirvana, in utero/
Mr. Nevermind, Mr. Just forget it/
Get up in it, critic, find that there's some wit within it/
Split decision gambling, rambling with the slick percentage/
Thicker sentence structure, just fucking up all your tricks and bizness/
Mr. Paragraph, mr. Larynx blast/
Mr. Scream so much that it is tearing bad/
And it's fair the fact I'm Mr. Talk Too Much/
I'll show these whisperers Mr. Walk without a crutch/
Track Name: Mewtwo
I get it done, yeah, something like a hit and run
Don’t need a second chance man just give me one
You kidding son, rappers sweeter than cinnabon
Thiago’s been the bitter one since Freddie Mercy bit the um
Dust I’m choking on, records with oldie songs
Get on my level, Mewtwo amongst the Pokemon
They obsess like Josh Peck when Oprah’s on
Terror never rest, fucking best, call me Cobra Com
Like what is going on? Don’t ask me, Marvin
All I know is we starving to be on this
I don’t smoke but why arrest for weed sparking?
When in the streets at night is when we need guarding
And I think that we shouldn’t feel defensive
When these authority figures should mean protection
Abusing their power to use their "legal weapons"
And boom! you’ll be dead in a second, dead in a second

Learn your lesson
What’s the question?
Check your exits

Meds couldn’t help it, just another one gone
Undervalue these lives and they wonder what’s wrong
All probable cause so they busting, guns drawn
You can’t checkmate a king with us pawns
So get me to the other side, yeah, step by step
Get me a queen or whatever’s fucking left I guess
I’m running races, the hatred is neck to neck
Wreck the set with the love, better check my tech
Protect ya neck, they all looking like giraffesses
Relying too much on the food within the grasses
Books up in my tablets, transform my mind
So I’m not cooped in a casket, before my time
In a grave next to me is where they store my rhymes
Like here lies the beast, he was one of a kind
Watch me dumb down these lines, and still be more smarter
Than these impostors of doctors on your roster

I’ve evolved into monster
Track Name: Don Pedro
Look at Thiago, he's off though, it's awful, an odd fellow
Yellow-green Brazilian not similar to Don Pedro
But this my new groove, play it in your car mellow
Broads bellow when he's balling, all-in when I call medals
Bronze, silver, gold, it's all still unknown
Cus I ain't never won shit, I even lost my bits of coal
I'm simple folk, but not typical skipping stones
I'm dumping boulders in this river, wishing they would go
Not to rock bottom, I stop often, been before
But that's life, ask Frank if he can sing it so
Was so optimistic back when I was sixteen
You know, when '95 dropped, a little guy with big dreams
But dreams don't come true and I was young, too
But I still play the part, just for pretend because it's fun to
I'm not an actor as a rapper, this recurring role
Is a personal vertical growth of my learning soul

Look at Thiago, he's off though, it's awful, an odd fellow
Yellow-blue Brazilian not similar to Don Pedro
But this my new groove, play it in the park ghettos
Where the g's are cooking s'mores, using brains for marshmallows
The graham crackers, I'm damn mad at self
Thinking negative thought regardless if it's bad for health
Cus all these failed dreams and sixteens stack the shelf
Be a hobo, rap for meals, yellow-bellied daffodils
Fantasizing action stills, but I'm a still-life
And I'ma steal lives when I kill mics, that's why I still write with such skill type
I show real hype and appeal like it's all flash that you're hearing
Try to flashback to clearings with no smoke interference
See, the substances they used, they were only in the lyrics
And yo FUCK your pair of shoes, I'll stomp on them when I see them
And yo FUCK your parachute, I'll shoot at it when I see it
And yo FUCK I'm turning blue, another breath, I can't breathe it
Track Name: Princess
Dear girl who sits up in my comm class
There's something on my mind, something that I gotta ask
May catch you off guard, kind of weird to ask this
But please, I need to focus, stop being so damn attractive
I see you all around the campus
And I don't even try to, it just sort of happens
And lately you're the one that I'm blaming for these distractions
You got me under spells, must be majoring in magic
Well baby, I could be your wizard
I'm drunk off this crush like I'm guzzling some liquor
I'm wanting to get with her, don't even know her name yet
The lamest of the games that I'm playing, can't say shit

All these thoughts in my head, all these words not yet said
I regret to regret, a reject or a yes
All these thoughts in my brain, all these words I could say
If I had it my way, I'd walk up and say hey

I suck at chasing maiden tail, it's either get an A or fail
And honestly, I'm sick of being beta male
But every time I try it’s like my mind will just decay its cells
And I just walk away after I say I hope your day is well, lame as hell
I’m nervous, and I know that they can tell
The way I stutter words, forget my as name as well, um it’s T then something else
Where I’m from? Um, Brazil? Yeah, I guess it’s pretty chill
But uh I gotta go, I'll catch you later, yeah, yeah, it’s been real
Like what's the deal? Shit I guess I lost my game
Because for past 2 years, I've been tied to the same dame
Now I'm back out on the field, what position do I play?
Do I tell them how I feel? Or be an asshole to get laid?

All these thoughts in my head, all these words not yet said
I regret to regret, a reject or a yes
All these thoughts in my brain, all these words I could say
If I had it my way, I'd walk up and say hey

Tell em I really want to get with that, find a chick to kick it back with
And just relax, fuck all of the knicks and knacks
Give to you, you give some back, that's what they mean by tit for tat
I'm just a young whippersnapper willing to lick a...
Snatch the mic from em before he says something sick as that
But back to the topic, honestly babe, I'm a different cat
You look quite nice, so swipe right and we'll get to match
Got smooth moves but only up on the tinder app
Shit, my ex bitch, she was an actress
And I could never trust her after she talked to her ex behind my back, slick
Every sugar-coated line she said sounds like a damn script
We broke up like a month ago, already got a man, prick
I'm sick of antics, I want a lady who
Enjoys asian food, and playing gamecube
Realizes that relationships, they take two
Girls are not princesses dudes should play a slave to
Don't let her play you
Track Name: Believe
I never believed in good things would come to those who wait
But use it as an excuse when I would procrastinate
Like why do now what you could do later?
This is the mindset of a true couch potato
Well, tell you what spud, you bout to become none
Of the visions you had for yourself when you were young
If you don't get up, get out, and get something
An Outkast on his ass who can't function
Nothing's been ventured, nothing's been gained
Nothing's permanent, only constant thing is change
Live in the now, the present is a gift
The past has unwrapped, and the future has yet to exist
So yes do persist, the best you can give
110%, no better time than now
The hands on the clock are forever counting down
So figure it out, don't ask when, ask how

In whatever you want to do
Gotta make moves, have a plan, see it through
In whatever you want to be
Just believe, we all have the key to succeed

When right goes wrong and the light seems gone/
You wanna just stop but life goes on/
I just write my songs to cope with it/
Opening new doors, used be closed and it's/
Golden the chances we get, no man should regret/
The path he has stepped, it’s been cast in the script/
And this life is show, so act how you live/
I’ve been on my Bravo flow, clap for the kid/
Thank you, thanks, you’re far too kind/
Truth is, we all have our own star to shine/
Whether red carpet time or bars to rhyme/
We’re the future of the planet at the starting line/
And there’s nowhere to go, but forward/
We all make mistakes, but so what? Forward/
Gotta learn from it, and there’s so much for it/
Don't just ignore it, important to flourish, and know that/

In whatever you want to do
Gotta make moves, have a plan, see it through
In whatever you want to be
Just believe, we all have the key to succeed

So none for the money, and two for the show/
6 for the running, 14 for the close/
15 on the come up, resolutions we wrote/
In high definition, we envision our goals/
Got a mission? Then go, I can picture the pros/
Parts missing and broke, you can fix it your own/
The curtains close, welcome the new year/
You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here/
Stay weird, and stray from the norm/
Shit's free but I feel like I get paid to perform/
My pages been torn from the rage I was on/
Emotion like the rain and the storms it decays in the songs/
If you felt it, my job here is finished/
I know the goal of life is not clear to win it/
It's like a slipping car but you gotta steer with it/
Hear the lyrics and know I've been in the same boat/