downhill ∞ purpan.

from by THIAGO

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then it all goes downhill
it all goes

the night turns as my eyes burn
staring at a screen, tryna type words
you might've heard of me
the ill-equipped author, sip coffee
still coughing regardless the pills popping

i'm bill cosby circa 1990
might seem kindly, probably find me
giving fatherly advices to the youngin's
in the same room that i just piped your mother in
when my hair's white, she'll use this to get her money with

funny chick, you know i like my girls sarcastic
humor's always slapstick
she runs my mind so much could do laps with
turn a park into my world like jurassic
bite your head off

the mic is dead raw, short-circuited
dead battery running 8-figure circuits, breaking limbs with endurance hits
i've been a nervous kid learning i couldn't trust none
these demons aren't the only ones i run from, angels too

like holy shit show me what that halo do
still stuck in 2004, playing Halo 2
damaging players like my name's Jeru
i'll pay my dues after saving you another game i lose

well, i got to used to the winning streak
tripped, now there aren't shoes that'll fit my feet
pitiful like mister t
air's cold, she's passing me a swisher sweet

but i don't smoke honey honey, na na
keep it clear, i don't smoke nothing


from burnt lotus, released August 25, 2015



all rights reserved


THIAGO Raleigh, North Carolina

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