blinded ∞ henace.

from by THIAGO

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the jazz reminds me of my late gramps
cigarette, beer in hand, rocking ray-bans
my father's looking more and more like him
i'm looking more like my father, it's quite frightening

i'm getting too old for fucking around and all that
thinking maybe it's time to fall back on some other plan
brotherman i've been studying for my 4 year uni
but most times i feel my degree isn't dear to me

copy choreography, dancing with the devil
while we strive for mediocrity, tracing with a stencil
never was i good at coloring in the lines
used think outside the box now i'm feel like i'm confined

tryna breakout, hey now, t back to your seat you go
when you talk, speak it low, we can't let the people know
that aliens do exist here, at least i feel like one
it's funny how if you stare at it for too long you can't see the sun

i am blinded, blinded, blinded
blinded, blinded, blinded
i am blinded, blinded, blinded
blinded, blinded, blinded

shut are my eyelid, eyelid, eyelids
open only i can, i can, i can
for now i am blinded, blinded, blinded
hope, i can find it soon

i tied my shoes as a toddler, still tripping
need to be a role model for my brother
we not children anymore, kid's about to be 13
i'm worried; it was the worst year for me

but he's much tougher than i was
probably bust chumps in fights, i'd take it and hide the bruises, i'm alright mum
cry inside my room blasting music so they couldn't hear me
morning go to school, just another student here

i'm tryna show my brother the importance
report card grades, the sports ya play, extracurriculars
it makes a difference, but i'm feeling hypocritical
i was never involved, i just slid along the middle route

a A/B average, C in some classes
but i forgot most of what i learned, feeling like a dumbass
it's habitual with time and i can't stop
following the same plot as my grandpops


from burnt lotus, released August 25, 2015



all rights reserved


THIAGO Raleigh, North Carolina

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